Vegetable Sauce


For those who know me well, they know I love cooking. I enjoy trying recipes and creating new ones myself. I decided to try this vegetable sauce on a Sunday afternoon and it came out very nice. This delicious veggie sauce made with sausage is a great complement for rice, pasta, or boiled ripe plantain.


Why don’t you order some now and have it delivered to your doorstep. Call  Tee-kitchen on 07089149347


On Cocktails


On sunny afternoons, I usually cool off with chilled sunset cocktail drink. I also enjoy having the occasional cocktail with a snack. It’s ironic to hear people say cocktails are too expensive but they don’t mind paying a fortune for 7 bottles of bitter beer or a glass of wine. I assure you; Cocktails are affordable! For children and non-alcoholics, mock tail, non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies are available healthy options to choose from.

Whether planning a shower, a brunch, birthday parties, a wedding ceremony or you just need a non-alcoholic option for your next gathering, contact Tee-Kitchen for your cocktail drinks at affordable prices in impressive colors.